Love Letters



A love letter from the Father.


Being weightless is resting in the freeing place of My support, without the heaviness of worries weighing you down. I have declared the future to you in advance and I have saved you from danger to show you that I am Lord. Trust Me to take care of your life. Don’t give up on Me, but watch and see what I do. I am making things right. I will fully satisfy every need you have, through My abundant love. Because of your needy groan, I will now move on your behalf and place you in the peaceful place for which your heart longs.



It is time for a new chapter, let go of what was and depend on Me. I am carrying you to a new beginning and a special time. It will better than any heartache that you leave behind. Believe good surprises are on the way. I am going to give you more than you asked for. My Love is spilling over in the most hopeless places. My steadfast love never ceases. My mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning.Β 



It honors Me when you trust Me. Trust Me with what is important and valuable and allow Me to look after those you love. Believe in Me and don’t doubt My good intentions. I am making things easier for you, as a token of My heart. I am restoring your every loss to revive your life. I am opening up new doors of My pleasure. In the dark valley, I am close to you as a Refuge and Protector. My Sovereign authority empowers you with peace as I comfort you from every fear.Β 



I am arranging everything for My desired effect, turning everything for good. There may be weeping through the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. I am your forever home and endless ocean of love. Rest in My care and be weightless without worry or pressure. I’ll be there for you. Relax everything into My hands. I am Sovereign and in control. Draw near to Me, as you surrender it all with full trust and be weightless.Β 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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