Love Letters

Look to Me


A love letter from the Father. 



You will lose your heartache and enter into your dreams as a faith-believer, like a unicorn of the sea. Narwhals are elusive, mysterious, deep-sea divers. Strange and beautiful, abiding under sea ice through the arctic winter. The faith that you have held onto for so long is manifesting as a miracle out from the spirit water. The broken glass of suffering has been transformed into the sheer beauty of promises coming true. As a new beginning, a page to beauty is turning.


Like raindrops on roses and the frosted gloss of diamonds, it’s the most wonderful time of your year. I am turning the hardest affliction and deepness of pain into the brightest, most glorious day. The water always bows low before it ascends high. That which you have traveled has only made you stronger. Be strong in hope and keep your hopes high, I am giving you peace from the warfare on all sides.



Keep your eyes up to Me, as a sea unicorn, a narwhal called ‘qilalugaq qernartaq, the one that points to the sky’.


He wears a compass on his head, that detects the changes in the water. Deep calls to deep at the thundering sound of My waterfalls; lean into My love as I draw your heart close. My breakers and waves billowing over. I am leading you beside the quiet waters and gentle streams of refreshment. Look to Me and feel My heart beating. I will not fail you. 


I have always been faithful and I always will be. I will take care of all that you need. Trust Me with all your heart. Come running as a child, full of wonder and worry-free. Hand Me your worries, let Me lift the heavy burdens from your chest. Let go of every problem, place the weight of it into My hand. Take My heart upon you and enter into rest. Lay your head upon My chest, I will take care of everything. 


I know what you need, I am not far away. Don’t worry about a thing, just rest into Me. I have carried you this far and I will continue to do so. You will not miss out on seeing the intentional provision of My love. Keep your eyes on Me through chaos and confusion. Keep looking up as you trust in every promise. Surely My goodness will not escape you. I have commanded My loving-kindness for you in the daytime and at night My love song is with you.



Written by Dannette Lynn



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