Love Letters

Peace in the Mud Storm

A love letter from the Father



Let Me bandage the wounds from the betrayal and lies. I will soothe the depths of your soul from the heat of the fires. Forgive them and let it all go, as you release it to Me. I am wiping away the mud that was thrown in your face to cause your beauty to shine. I am your Defender. You are not alone, but I am protecting you on all sides.


Those who come against you are opposing Me. Cling to love and wait patiently for Me. My plans are always better than anything that you would give to yourself. I am always watching over you and My ears are attuned to your cries. I am always listening to you…


Find the joy of this moment, knowing that I will not fail you. You will not be defeated nor disappointed, I am lifting you high! Anyone who puts their trust in Me will be blessed and comforted. In the waiting, I am working in wonderful ways. Patience works in a way of deliberate rest, producing focus for your journey ahead. My love is loyal and consistent, never changing or playing tricks in the shadows. I will never abandon you…


Soon you will savor My goodness and see how wonderful My plan for you is. I will deliver justice for you as the stars shining brilliantly-bright and I will expose your right standing as the moon that breaks apart the darkness of the night. Wrap yourself up in My righteousness and have peace through the mud storm. I will rescue you, just be still, and trust. Vengeance is reserved as Mine. What has tried to overwhelm and swallow you will be far, far away. Donโ€™t worry my dear, I am holding you by the hand.


Your faith is blossoming to fulfill the prayers that you just prayed. Expect that I will manifest and set things right. Let your heart be anchored to trust in this promise and pray without wavering. Come boldly to believe that My answer is Yes. My dearly beloved, rest in My goodness and love.


Every good and perfect gift to you comes from My Hand and I enjoy every opportunity to bless you with the answers to your prayers. Abundantly more than you can ask or think, is what I will give to you. I am giving you MORE than what you have asked for! I will guard and care for you forever as the apple of My eye.



Written by Dannette Lynn



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