When God Says “It’s Time”



When I was a little child, I suffered terrible breathing problems. There was a time when I was rushed to the hospital with a “code blue” respiratory emergency. Being so little, I didn’t understand what was happening and I kept saying that I “forgot how to breathe”. In reality, I almost died that day and I had to be saved. After those breathing emergencies, I even had to sleep with a special breathing tent around my bed.



Eventually, I grew out of that and when I entered my teens, I took up smoking cigarettes as an attempt to fit in with the crowd. It wasn’t long before I was knee-deep in a very strong addiction. I smoked for over 20 years. My childhood breathing problems came back to me when I was smoking and many nights I would cough so hard that I could barely breathe.



Because this habit was causing such toxic health problems, I began getting very strong convictions from the Holy Spirit to quit smoking. I needed to make a change in order to physically survive. These convictions prepared my heart to cross over, like a baby sea turtle that crosses over from land to water in hopes to save his life.



I tried so many times to quit. In fact, I tried relentlessly for 7 years! Every week I would pick myself up and try again. From cold turkey, to patches, to medical prescriptions, nicotine gum, the 12 step program, fasting, prayers, books…I tried it all! Sadly, I even ordered some strange pill from a remote foreign country that I don’t even know what it was, to try to overcome this addiction. It was a really awful experience.



Then one day I was in church and I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “It’s time”. I knew in my innermost being that “it’s time” meant that it was time to quit smoking for good. After so many times of trying to quit, the Lord was asking me to try this time by His power manifesting to deliver me.



I could tell that the Lord was very serious. This moment seemed very monumental too. It was like that exact moment when the baby sea turtle finally pushes through the sand and digs himself out of the nest. It was a designated time when I had to cross over, like a sea turtle that follows the light of the horizon to cross over the beach sand to his ocean destination.



I agreed to trust God and do things His way. I said, “Okay God, just let me go home and have one more and then I will quit for good”. Except instead of agreeing to my terms, the Lord said “No more, it’s time now”. Let me tell you that it took a whole lot of trust to accept this order. However God gave me the grace to accept and I threw away my cigarettes immediately.




What happened next was astonishing! God took over and I was instantly delivered from a 20 year smoking addiction. I never had another cigarette again and it has been many years since that moment. I never had one single craving. God took it all! The only discomfort that I felt was finding new ways to walk through my life. I had to get used to not smoking before and after meals or upon first waking up each morning. I also had to find new ways to calm myself when I was upset or worried. That was not even hard either, because I had Holy Spirit helping me through each step of the way.



If you have been praying about getting help from something and God asks you to trust Him and act, then really trust His timing. When God says “it’s time”, it really means it is “His time” and you are about to embark on a miracle treat and wonderful encounter of His compassionate Heart!




I pray this blesses you today!

With love,


Dannette Lynn