Ice Cream Dream



One night the Holy Spirit used a dream to teach me how to draw out His promises. As you know, when you are walking in the Spirit, things often look the opposite of what the Lord promised. Faith is our superpower to access the hidden treasures that God has given to us. That was the theme for this dream.



In the dream, God would bring me into different places that looked the opposite of what He told me. There was a spirit of fear that was following me, trying to get me to worry and doubt. However, I knew the voice of My Beloved, and I was running to follow after the words that He was speaking.


Every time that I followed Jesus and the words that He was speaking to me, a giant soft-serve ice cream bar would appear and I would make myself a big ice cream cone to enjoy the sweetness of His words. The ice cream was soft because it was so smooth and easy to come out.


All I had to do was trust what the Lord was telling me and believe. Jesus would lead me to other rooms and places where survival seemed impossible. Then He would say to me, “Use the pain of this moment to draw the sweetness of My promises out”. Instead of being worried about how things “looked”, Jesus wanted me to draw by faith His promises by reminding myself of what He said and declaring them out.



It has been well over 2 years now that Jesus has provided for my children and myself in the most miraculous ways. Honestly, how can someone book a hotel room and experience God’s loving provision day after day with no income? It is mind-blowing that He has been so generous to my kids and me for so long~!



I have a promise from Jesus and that has been more than enough. Every single day, His promises manifest to us and His love makes a way where there seems to be no way. From the first day that Jesus told me that He would support us through this blog and that His love would fill my bank account with His provision, it has happened every time that I pressed in to believe.



Not every promise needs to have time to manifest. You can experience manifested promises today! No matter how impossible or difficult your situation is, I pray that you resist the fear and doubt trying to speak to you and that your full attention would be on what Jesus is promising you through this pain.



For every problem, there is a promise to overcome it. Use the pain of this moment to draw out the sweetness of His promises. Tell yourself that God will do it. Tell yourself that God will come through to rescue you from those problems. He will do it. Every single day you can access the manifested promises of God. It only takes trust and faith. I pray that God would stir your faith to receive all the sweetness of His word that He has for you today. You are blessed!




Blessed is the person who trusts the Lord.
The Lord will be his confidence.
He will be like a tree that is planted by water.
It will send its roots down to a stream.
It will not be afraid in the heat of summer.
Its leaves will turn green.
It will not be anxious during droughts.
It will not stop producing fruit.

Jeremiah 17:7-8





Dannette Garza