Love Letters



A love letter from Jesus.




Like ‘forget-me-not’ flowers that release their intoxicating fragrance in the darkness, yet their fragrance is concealed when the sun comes out. The suffering of the night season has brought out the immensity of your blessings.


This is your renewal from the misery and distress. Instead of the torment from attacks, I will decorate you with My love. I will restore what was lost and cause My goodness to appear as shimmering jewels bestowing My brilliance. 


For a very long time, you have experienced the tossings of difficulties and bad news. Now I will reward your suffering with promises coming true. I will give you extra provision for your needs to provide extra comfort from your pain. Look for My words to arrive, despite what you see happening outside.


The petals of My love will never fail to grow past impossible conditions. I will take special care of you to show you extra compassion. I have concern for your suffering and afflictions. I love you with the truest love. I have carried your sorrows and held your grief. I will always care for you when you need Me. This is the care of My compassion.


Even if the entire world fell apart and vanished into dust, My love and kindness will never depart from you, nor will My blessings of completion be removed. My loyalty to you is unbreakable, despite any challenge. My remembrance of you is timeless. Don’t forget what I promised, just because of what you see.


The future that I promised is certain, you have not hoped in vain. Hold on tight to My words and don’t stop believing when the winds resist. Keep My promises securely over your head. Every word that I spoke is true, I am the Shield of refuge for you. I will hold you up in My Everlasting arms, chasing away your enemies ahead of you.


My blessings to you are springing up everywhere! Have no worry, everything is different now. My Promises will continue to accelerate into a tangible abundance. Like the tide that rises before a giant sea swell, My blessings for you will not recede, nor will the manifestations of My provisional love for you decline.


You are far from the bottommost places, now you will walk through the raised standard of My unforgettable promise to always protect and support you.




Written by Dannette Lynn


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