Love Letters

Blessings of the Silk Umbrella


A love letter from the Father.



The ancient Silk Road was a network of trade routes in Asia to bring the goods that merchants were seeking. It was a covering that brought several places together to deliver the items in need. It was named after silk because, in the beginning, silk was the biggest asset for those desperate for the cloth of wealth and stature. The Silk Road is also called ‘The Road for Peace’. Like the Silk Road, The silk umbrella of My unfailing love will never fail to bring you the supplies that you need with plentiful indulgence. My love for you is a silk umbrella to cover and protect. The Latin root of the word ‘umbrella’ is to ‘shade or shadow’.




I have very good plans for you!




My promises are peace to give rest for your soul, so you do not have to fear foreboding about what will happen tomorrow. I will take care of all that you need. Be anxious for nothing, as you continue to tell Me your requests. Use the protection of My love to shade yourself from the foreboding fears of bad things to come. I have given you bright words of Promise for hope and a future. When all you can see is clouds, take heart, because the words that I spoke are still shining. Don’t be afraid about what is ahead, I have already gone ahead to prepare it.




You will never walk alone.




You may not understand what I am doing now but soon enough you will. Pain comes and goes before you know it. All of your sorrows and troubles will not last. Hope is never lost, the rain doesn’t last forever. Everything will be okay. So hold on, things are getting better. Relax your brow and take a deep breath. I’ll be right here, My love will never fail you. This is not the end. No present sufferings can compare to what is ahead. Cling to your hopes, as a strong-unmovable anchor within as you trust in My Promises. Watch as I do something new! See it now, beyond the gloom. 




Smile without fear when you think about what will happen.




You can rely on My enduring love. Even if the mountains heave up from their anchors, and the hills quiver and shake, I will not abandon you. My grace is always more than enough for you, and My power manifests best through your need. I care about your deepest desires and I watch over you with extra care to manifest My goodness. Don’t be anxious about anything. Exhale your fear and inhale My peace. No problem can compete with the Promises that I have given.




See, you have nothing to fear!




Trekking through the ancient forests and color-changing lakes. Passing over the surging waterfalls and rolling treetops. Moving past the hidden lagoons and the dramatic sea cliffs of the steep places. I will deliver My luxuriously expensive blessings to you by the silk umbrella of My loving provisions. Therefore, don’t worry about anything. I have already established to provide all that is needed and excessively more. Kick your feet up and relax as I move through your situation. The graceful love of My silk umbrella will arrive to drop off large quantities of supplies and blessings.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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