Love Letters

Comfort From Your Troubles


A love letter from the Father. 


You had your hopes so high and then came the crash from a painful disappointment. Like a giraffe being born and falling from the heights, you will rise again with more than you first expected. Stand tall with confidence, because I have not failed you yet. The tall giraffe can reach the highest trees of provision. The tallest trees have deep roots that touch the water that other trees couldn’t. You never have to worry when things seem low, I will continue to bless you with My richness.




You will find comfort from your troubles. The word comfort is “comfortare”, which means “strengthen greatly.” Wait for Me and you will find new strength. Soon you will be relaxed and free from the pain. Trust Me with all of your heart, even when you don’t understand the way things are moving. I have always been there for you and I won’t turn My back on you now.




Uniquely beautiful heart you are. Like a giraffe print, no two are exactly the same. I have explored your heart and I understand all of your longings. I know the weight of anguish from every teardrop that falls off your lashes. I know every detail about you, even more than you know. Since I care for you, let Me carry all the pain of deep expectations that were not met.




From choking back disappointment when your hopes did not happen, you will see better than you could dare to imagine. In the places where you suffered shame, you will have a double blessing. Instead of humiliation, you will know double honor. What you have suffered may seem unfair, but trust that My timing is perfect. You will move past your enemies with the sure hope that you will see My goodness.





It’s time to heal from the former disappointments when your expectations were not realized. I will soothe you from what you have suffered and alleviate the source of affliction. No more will you be troubled, but comforted and relieved from distress. You will never be abandoned or nor will you have to beg for what you are needing. Your hope will not end in disappointment. Stay hopeful! Take heart and keep expecting. Your confidence in Me will be richly rewarded. I am comforting your troubles and removing every disappointment.




Written by Dannette Lynn



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