Love Letters

Let Hope Rise

A love letter from the Father. 




The situation is now reversed to bring you good. My plans are to bring you prosperity and not a disaster. The problems were turned into blessings. Every attack against you had the opposite positive reaction. The rains and clouds have come and gone and flowers are unfolding in the fields.




I will give you anything—all you need to do is ask. Don’t be afraid that bad things are coming, but set your hopes unchangeably on the divine favor that you have been given. Have confidence in Me to answer your prayers. I am rich to bless you with everything that you need. Begin to declare it as yours, without the hesitation of concern or worry.




Allow yourself to trust Me without fear. Make your faith louder than what you fear and take the risk of faith. Trust that there will be no loss but only gain. Give as an act of faith, being thankful for what will immediately come. Be overly generous with unwavering confidence as you trust me to refill you with provisions.




Be bold to believe that whatever you ask for in prayer is already yours—you have My word on it. Stretch out to expect to see what you have been seeking. Enlarge your thoughts to be sure of what you hope for and don’t hold back. Your hope in My generosity will not be disappointing. Do not be afraid—you will not be humiliated as before.





Fill yourself with thoughts of a good outcome and let your hope rise. Good news is coming! Anything that you ask for will be given. I will be overly generous with blessings and gifts. Hold strongly to what you hope for and keep hoping until the end. Step out of your comfort zone and I will meet you there. 





Written by Dannette Lynn


Thank you for your continued support!


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