Love Letters

Baby of Mine


A letter from the Father.



Baby of Mine, don’t cry about the appearance of terrible situations that you face. Wipe the teardrops away, soon everything that you have feared happening will fade into an empty place. You will never know a day when My comfort does not soothe you as the gentle vibrations of a mother’s womb. In the place of being hard-pressed, I will give you rest from your troubles.

Why are you in despair, My child? And why are you restless and disturbed within? Don’t be agitated by the pain of thinking that something bad will happen. Neither be unsettled with doubtful thoughts of distrust in My protection. Pick up your chin from the hopelessness of being pressed down. Throw all your anxiety into My arms, as I take care of you. Cast off the burdens of fear and push aside those thoughts that harm you.


As you are suspended above the floods by the stability of My hand, overcome every fear of heights by trusting in My promise. Fear comes from looking down. Cast down every negative thought and stay calm. Wait for me and do not panic.

In the winds of fear, remember that you can always trust in Me. I have carried you from your birth and in My arms, you have been carried from the womb. And when you are old in your days, I will still be there, carrying you. Be assured I will carry you and I will save you. As a mother calms her child, I will quiet your fears with My comfort.


I have made you a promise and that promise will withstand any condition. From the beginning, I declared how things will end and I will make things happen as I have determined. My plan has been made, and I will see it through. Rely on the truthfulness of My words and trust in My kindness and ability to help you. Keep your hopes high and be filled with expectation.


Hope in Me and wait expectantly. Something good is going to happen! You shall again sing the praises from My help. Stay hopeful with an attitude of expectancy and watchfulness. Your expectations will be fulfilled to turn out just as you had hoped. Hold onto your hopes, a miracle is going to happen.




Written by Dannette Garza


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