Love Letters



A love letter from Jesus.Β 



I am turning this situation around to bring you comfort from the constant struggles around you. Though you have been suffering and helpless to bring the change that you need. You will find tranquility and be alleviated from anxieties, as you trust Me to take over.Β 



Calm and quiet your soul to remember that I am the Lord. Though the mountains may shake and slip into the heart of the seas, never be worried or anxious about anything. I am in your midst, so do not be grieved by your troubles. Be assured that I am Sovereign as you rest every concern into My care. I am a very-present and well-proven rescue that you can count on.



I will not fail you, so do not worry.Β The blessing of My favor rests upon you. Instead of being disgraced, you will be lifted higher. Inhale My peace, as you let go of these problems. With everlasting kindness, I will have compassion on you.





Written by Dannette Lynn

Thank you for helping.

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