Love Letters

Start at the Finish


A love letter from Jesus.Β 



Challenge what troubles you by entering into the answer to your prayers. Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Start from the answer to your prayer and see yourself in it. As you think from a place of ownership, you are no longer waiting for obtainment because the request has already been given.



Never think from a place of unfulfillment. Just because you cannot see the answer to your prayer does not mean that you do not have it. For I have made a covenant with you, that what you have entreated Me for will be given. Your future expectation is certain, and you have not hoped in vain. Keep thinking from the finish, as you mark out a straight path for your feet, beginning at fulfillment.



Do not be anxious to make things happen, just rest in your desire as you follow My momentum. Stay on the safe path of victory, without worry or doubt. And don’t get sidetracked by the appearance of the problem. Carefully watch what you say, speaking as though your prayers are already answered. Let words of faith be your new confession and not the difficulties that you are currently facing.



Β Be confident in what you hope for and keep your expectations high. What you have believed will be made manifest. I will cause your desire to prosper and you shall reign over what you have asked for in faith. Celebrate that you already have what you need and start expecting to suddenly see it. Everything is possible!




Written by Dannette Lynn


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