Love Letters

Stress-Free Blessings


A love letter from the Father.ย 




Dust off the dream that you gave up and the prayer that you let drift away. I am now fulfilling the longings of the past to soothe and alleviate your pain. Cling to Me and settle your heart in My promise to answer your prayers.


Rest easy, My dear, here come the stress-free blessings. In the past you soaked your pillow with tears from your prayers, now you will celebrate to see the desire is finally here. ย ย 


Don’t be anxious anymore. Keep giving Me your worries and I will lift the burdens off to turn every problem into a present. I have spread My Wings over you to keep you safe and secure.


There is rest for you on every side and there is neither adversary nor misfortune confronting you. My Faithfulness is a shield and a wall all around you. Relax under My protection and stay in My Shadow.


Lay your entire life onto Me as you rest in My Love. I will take care of you, even while you sleep. My promises to you are your blessings and gifts from above. These promises will take care of you and protect you from your enemies.


Set your hope in the confident expectation that I will again deliver you. So take comfort to boldly say, ‘the Lord is my Helper, I will not be afraid ‘.


I have made miracles for you! Indeed, I will bless you again with streams in the desert and golden sun cups blooming in the sand. Take back your confidence because the rewards of your toil are here. I am blessing you with a future filled with hopeโ€”a future of success, not of suffering.


It will seem like a dream when you see what I do. You will bubble up with laughter and joyful songs. So do not worry any longer about these things, just sit back and watch the wonderful things that I do.




Written by Dannette Lynn


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