Love Letters

Answered Hope


A love letter from Jesus.  




Your Prayer has been heard and hearkened to. Don’t worry, I will take care of you and you will not get what you fear. Something wonderful is about to happen, as both your needs and your wants are granted. I am throwing open the door to your hopes to bring you an instant delight and rest from your problems. Hold strong to your promise of security and prosperity and stay committed to hope. The bad situations are turning for your good. You don’t even need to fight, just keep your hope anchored to Me and I will rescue you. 




Stay unmovable in hope, no matter what is happening. Do not allow your mind to drift into worry or doubt. Fix every thought on seeing your hopes as you patiently endure. Suddenly everything will change and happen fast. You will not be disappointed. So don’t panic because I will help you and hold you steady. I will surely bless you with blessings of rain, keep holding your hope with the certainty that you will see it happen.




Speak and think as if the answered prayer is already here. Keep praying and thanking Me that it is done. For he who knocks and keeps on knocking, the door shall be opened. I promise with an oath to give you what you are asking for. Everything is possible if you believe! Lift up your thoughts with excitement because I am going to give you even better than what you have requested. Don’t let go of your hope and you will see it happen. I will hush and calm the storm to cause the waves to still. Then you will be glad to see that I have brought you to your desired haven.





Written by Dannette Lynn


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