Love Letters

Lean into Me


A love letter from Jesus.




Settle your heart and be still, everything is turning around. Loosen your shoulders and relax. These things will turn out as you hope. Lean into Me with complete trust and confidence with all of your heart and mind. I will make the way straight and show you where to go.Β 



I have given you rest, everything will be fine for you. Do not be troubled or afraid, I will save you. Keep trusting My ways above your own. You have been worried and anxious about many things that will never come. Keep taking deep breaths and you will see that there was nothing to be afraid of.Β 



I already knew that you would be in this place. I have planned ahead, to give you the very best. Pour your troubles out to Me and surrender your anxieties. Give Me the weariness and remember how far I have taken you. You have to believe that I love you and cast yourself into My care. Surrender your life completely to Me and those who are depending on you.Β 



Tell yourself that I will come through for you to answer your prayers. Make My promises to you the ruler over what you feel. You need to trust My words as your confident truth over every situation. Keep your mind on good news and be expecting for it to appear. Take captive every thought of a bad outcome and keep My vows in front of you.Β 



Stay cool, calm and free from worry, as you relax and recharge your soul. Your needs and desires will be met and you will be filled from My abundance. I will show up to do just what I said to keep My promises. Stand still with expectation. I am coming with news that will comfort your heart and leave you with a surprise blessing.Β 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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