Love Letters

Better Than You Expect


A love letter from Jesus.ย 




My dear, fear not. I will do all that you require. I have taken you too far for you to ever doubt Me now. Sometimes anxiety is a result of a selective focus. Give no space to unbelief and give Me every worry. Never predict a negative outcome from old experiences. This is a new day! Expect to see good news.ย 



I dare you to dream big …things are going to be better than you expect. Be bursting at the seams to take possession of your dreams. Donโ€™t be afraid to hope again, this time you will not be disappointed. Expand in faith and challenge your mindset to consider that nothing is impossible.ย 



Cinch and Fasten your thoughts in the certainty that your prayer has been answered. Hold on with both hands and quickly climb up into obtainment. Faith makes real what you cannot yet see. My provisions for you will never run dry. There is a living well bubbling up inside of you.ย 



Keep your thoughts fixed that you have already received your request. My goodness and unfailing love will pursue you with overflowing blessings. Have faith in Me constantly. For I am going to do things for you that are so big, you wouldnโ€™t even be able to take it all in if I showed you.ย 



Have confidence in Me. Push through the thoughts of unbelief and keep telling yourself that I have answered your prayers. It is here… even if you don’t see it. Things will be easier this time. The rain is coming! This same day the fountains have burst forth and the floodgates are open. If you believe that you already have what you have prayed for, you can have it!




Written by Dannette Lynn

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