Cookie Surprise



I am overjoyed to share this revelation and experience with you! It all started with a dream encounter. In this dream, the Holy Spirit took me to a store to buy food. The strange thing about this store is the only food that they sold was cookies. Right away when I was looking at the assorted cookies, I saw my favorite kind. Then I was taken into another place where I was given 2 big pitchers of cookie batter. 



At the time, I did not understand what was happening, but before I woke up, the Lord gave me the name “Kenneth Copeland”. I knew that the hidden treasure of this message was hidden in something to do with Kenneth Copeland. In this experience, the Lord also told me that He wanted to take me deeper into the Mark 11:24 revelation because it needed to be smoothed out for me. 



The very next day, I opened up YouTube and searched for some Copeland sermons. There was one that I felt very drawn to and I opened it up. In that sermon, Mr. Copeland was sharing about an encounter that He had with Jesus about Mark 11:24. In this encounter, Jesus was holding a tray of cookies and He told Kenneth to take some cookies. Jesus explained to him that the cookies were His faith to access the answered prayers of this scripture. So I listened intently to the rest of this sermon and everything was starting to come together. 



The next morning, the Lord had given me a very specific amount of money to ask and believe for. So I went back to imagining my promised tree of provision over my head and I saw myself picking off Christmas ornaments from that tree. Each ornament that I picked off was in the image of what I was asking God for. I repeatedly saw myself with what I had asked God for. I decreed that I had it and I thanked God for giving it to me. I also used scriptures that He put in my heart, anytime fear or doubt would try to creep in. 



It was not long at all after doing this faith exercise that a bell rang to notify me that my prayer had been answered. God had given me the exact amount that I saw myself picking off of my tree of promise. I am still in shock that this happened because even though I was pressing in with all of my heart, it felt like a Christmas surprise present. I felt like I was the doubting boy from “Polar Express” who finally got to see his dream come true. Like that boy, God had given me a ticket stamped “believe”.  It is amazing what we can accomplish with child-like faith in the Father to answer our prayers. 



The cookie batter that God gave me was the faith I needed to see the answers to my prayers. The Holy Spirit began to teach me how to bake these cookies to become the answers to my prayers. There were a few steps that God had me take to bake these treats. The first one was to ask through prayer what I desired from the Lord. After that, just as the scripture said, I imagined myself receiving this prayer. There is something so powerful about vision. If we can see ourselves in a certain way, it will happen. 



What I discovered was in order to receive something before actually having it, I needed to release my faith. Faith is what brings our hopes into reality. The only way that I was able to not doubt in my heart that this prayer was granted was to bring myself into an agreement with myself. That meant that all of my senses had to be in unity, especially my thoughts. 



I brought my senses into unity by using my vision to see myself with what I was asking for. I used my words to release the creative power of faith through the boldness of decrees. Also, I had to encourage myself by telling myself that God had given this request to me. It is imperative to only allow yourself to think positive thoughts. Just give the fearful thoughts to God when they try to come in and keep lifting yourself up with thoughts of hope. Finally, I entered into thanksgiving, believing that the request was already done.  



 One final part about baking cookies came from a message in my dream. The Holy Spirit told me to make sure that I cooked them long enough. This meant that I had to anchor my soul into the hope of fulfillment and hold my confession of faith until it was manifested. One of the biggest setbacks of my past experience was not holding on to faith for long enough. 



One prayer can change your life in a single moment. When you are using your faith to access a miracle, don’t give up. Hold tight to your confession of faith without wavering. God will not fail to bring you everything that you have asked Him for and so much more. Nothing is impossible. Never underestimate what God will do for you if you are willing to believe. I pray that you are blessed today with child-like faith and imagination to access the answer to your heartfelt prayers.  






With love and hugs, 




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So I tell you to ask for what you want in prayer. 

And if you believe that you have received those things, 

then they will be yours.

Mark 11:24