Love Letters

It’s Time for a Miracle Baby

A love letter from Jesus. 



Prepare for what you have asked for, it’s time for a miracle baby. Everything will be possible. Believing is the gateway to receiving. You have to decide to be blessed, as you think it will be. Have faith in Me! Anchor yourself into joy, as you trust that what you have prayed for is already yours. 



Keep thanking Me for the desire. Calling it in as though it is. Be in agreement with yourself, what you think, say and see. I will give life to what you speak. Don’t let your words keep this baby from being born. Think, talk and act as though you already have received. 



You can have what you say. Speak into your miracle. It’s going to happen. Take it by faith. Keep telling yourself that you have it and rejoice in your hope. I won’t let you down. My power working through your faith will do superabundantly more than you can ask or think. 



Your vision is the womb that protects this baby. See with your hope what you cannot see with your eyes. What you focus on the most is what you will see yourself having. Nothing that you can imagine by faith will be restrained. 



Faith changes natural things. Focus on the spirit and remain in peace. Hold tight to the confession of your faith. Speak your baby into existence and I will make the waters break. Be in expectant hope and you will not be ashamed.



All things are possible for one who believes. Faith brings into reality what you are hoping for. Once you can see yourself with it, nothing can stop you. Believe absolutely for what you ask for in prayer. Imagine that you have received it and it is yours!





Written by Dannette Lynn


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