Love Letters

Come into an Abundance

A love letter from Jesus.Β 




Like a weeping willow tree planted by cool streams of provision. Growing high means to grow deeper into trust, as your roots reach into the waters of My love. Let your branches droop low in surrender. Growing low to depend on Me will cause you to rise higher than the highest treetops. Surrendering into your promises will cause My love to seep and flow through you as a tangible presence.Β 



In unison with Me, I am the oxygen for you to breathe. The lushness of your foliage will never fail to produce an abundance for your needs. Even in times of drought, you will be a heavenly oasis of a well-watered garden. Your leaves never fade or curl in the scorching heat because no matter what you do, I will cause you to prosper.



Still your soul, this is a sacred space–do not mourn. Let go of the doubt that I would ever let you down and dive deep into trusting Me. Trust is what opens the door to every heart desire. I am closer than the air that you breathe. Place your trust in Me, not in what you have or need. Take what you have and give as an act of faith. Give what you have and trust Me to refill you. I will multiply your seed into a seven-fold blessing. Pressed down and running over back to you again.Β 



I have been with you all along. Pressure is rooted in unbelief. Stay rooted in My love. You have never been absent from Me and you never will be. Forget what you have gone through and release yourself from the curse. Love does not keep a count of wrongs. Choose to trust Me again and take Me at My word. I will take care of you as your promised Source. I will not fail you so press your heart into My hands. My plans are to prosper you and not afflict you.Β 



Everything is better now. My word is your source of happiness! Have the joy to know that I will give you whatever you pray for. Ask of Me and I will give you financial floods from every direction. Open up your heart, to trust Me to answer your prayers and I will manifest like a downpour of rain to quench your thirst and bring your desire to pass. My blessings are following you and awaiting you in every step.Β 



Don’t be afraid to hope again, or be careful to expect. You need to let yourself be vulnerable to trust being sure that I will answer your greatest request. Be careful about nothing. Ask without wavering, hesitating or doubting. This is a new day that you have never known, now you have reached the place of an overflow of abundance.Β 



Β Refuse to accept the fear that I will not fulfill My vows, and choose to trust Me beyond a doubt. Starting today you will see provisions multiplied in 7 fold blessings, as you move into trust. Just ask and it will be given to you, there is power in bold faith. Believe for whatever you ask for in prayerβ€”believe that you have received it and it will be yours. Faith is the evidence that it is yours before it can be seen.



Stir up the gift of faith inside of you. As you think it will be. Do not think about anything negative. Keep your thoughts optimistic and full of hope. In this new place, you need to think about only positive outcomes. Empty out the negative and make room for the overflow of My love. Anticipate a good outcome and not bad. Let every emotion be placed under My words.Β 



I’ll be there for you. My intentions for you are kindness. Move through every fear and fall into My love. This is your time of favor, goodness, and easy provisions. You have reached your promotion, so expect great and wonderful things. This famine has turned into a feast. The low tide is over, fall into My lake of love. Enter into the lazy rivers of easy provision. Expect an overflow. There is plenty for you and plenty to give away. Now is the time for your abundance.Β 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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