Love Letters

The Promise is Here

A love letter from Jesus.Β 




Every prophetic message that I have given to you is attached to a sure fulfillment. I have told you in advance what will happen so that you can have the joy and peace of believing. Don’t be anxious about anything, but rest in My timing. I will never miss anything and I know perfectly well all that you are needing. Don’t worry, I am with you.



Love this journey and enjoy the greatness of the adventure. Stay hopeful! My promises are here to comfort you from every trouble. I will take your cares away as you rest in your Promise. Relax with peace and calm your nerves, because I am taking care of everything. Let go of everything that you are worried about, by faith heave every burden into My arms.



The anchor of My promise holds everything together. My promises to you are unchangeable. They cannot be broken under pressure and reach deep into the caverns of My heart. I am always watching all things to bring to light every fulfillment. I am always aware of every detail of your life. I know your thoughts afar off before you have formed them. All of My plans for you were written before they have ever taken shape. I created a specific story for you to drench you in love and goodness.Β 



Your confident expectation is a magnet to promise, eagerly drawing it close. Having faith brings ownership. Focus on your promises and they will become tangible. The miracle starts with how you think. Think good and positive outcomes and that is what you get. A happy heart is a good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing. Keep thanking Me until you see fulfillment. Understand that what I have promised you will surely happen. Celebrate that your promises are here and you will find the joy of seeing My words materialize to be just as you believed them.Β Β 






Written by Dannette Garza


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