Love Letters

Nourishing Rain From Heartache


A love letter from Jesus.Β 



You are now walking through a place where you were deeply hurt so that you can be deeply blessed. Have no fear of pain to continue, I have drawn you here to experience My personal love. Nothing is the same, do not worry. The past pain has become the gateway to your greatest blessings.Β 



From the days of digging ditches, comes the promised rain to alleviate pain. I only allowed the time of suffering thirst in order to quench you with the wellsprings of My love within. The desert tears of anguish have transformed into jubilant showers of blissful satisfaction. The barren land is flooding with an abundance to bring you laughter from the affliction.Β 



I know that you are scared to trust in this place, but you can rely on My intentional love. To trust again will take courage to hope again. I will take care of you and supply everything. This time you will know the delight that comes from trusting in Me. You are standing under a banner of honor instead of shame. Soon you will forget about the pain. Your face will glow with radiance instead of disgrace.



You are too precious to Me, I won’t let you down. The troubles that you suffered before are over and gone. Turn the page to see the wonderful things that will happen. My faithfulness is a promise and My enduring love for you will remain. So sing with cheer because the rain is here.Β 



I am here, I am here. I have brought you back to the wound to beautify you. I will nourish you with all that you need and give you healing rain from your heartaches. I will raise you up high into a respectful place. The former devastations have become your delight. In the place where you were afflicted, you are now blessed twice as much.Β 




Written by Dannette Garza


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