Love Letters

You Can Have the Request


A love letter from Jesus. 




My darling, do not be afraid or embittered by the troubles that you face. Don’t feel discouraged, I will break through for you once again. Be at peace in your soul, I will answer your prayer. You will be shocked and amazed by what I do! The promise is telling you what to expect. By the authority of My word, you will not lack all that you need and more. 




Set your mind on what you seek until you see it manifest. Press your thoughts confidently in the direction of your dreams and expect Me to move at the sound of your faith. When you change the way you think and see, you will change everything. If you believe that you have already received then it is yours! 




Before you can see the dream materialize, you have to believe that it can. The mind is a compass that points to your destination. Change all of your focus and attention on where you want to go, not on what you see right now. Everything that you need for it to happen is on the inside. Hope empowers your vision and imagination is fuel to your faith. 




You will always attract what you will expect. Use the determination of your will to focus your faith into action. Before you can have it, you have to believe that you do. Be prepared to get what you asked for, if you can imagine it in your mind, then it is yours. 




Overcome the possibility of bad by thinking thoughts of good. Have only positive expectations. I have plans for good. To give you what you hope. Become so confident in Me inwardly that what you are hoping for manifests. Go beyond capacity and stretch your faith. You are going to need a bigger space! Keep going; you won’t be burned by disappointment or grief. 




You are special to Me and I love you. So don’t be afraid, I am here. I am going to do things that you have never imagined to exceed your expectations. Lift yourself up with bold thoughts of faith, I won’t let you fall. I will wipe the tears from your eyes and cause your desire to take flight, nothing is impossible now. 






Written by Dannette Garza


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