Love Letters

Get Your Hopes Back Up


A love letter from Jesus. 




Get your hopes back you and stay expecting. Confident thoughts will cause you to fly to your desired destination. Expect your prayers to happen. You will receive what you believe. Positive thoughts of faith produce positive outcomes. 




According to your faith, it will be done to you. Don’t worry about if it will happen, but believe that it will. Everything will be okay, so turn all your worries over to Me as I take care of you. 




Completely expect and hope that you won’t be ashamed in any way. Be cheerful as My love comes to comfort you. Back to back, your prayers will be answered and your hopes will come into fulfillment. 




You are stepping into clear pools of provision. Keep thanking Me as you continue to spill out your requests fully believing that I have granted them. Expect the unexpected as suddenly what you have been praying for pleasantly comes true. 





Written by Dannette Garza



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