Love Letters

This is Not an Impossible Thing


A love letter from Jesus.




What you have asked for in prayer is already yours. Do not doubt but believe. Believe that you have already received it and it will happen as you hope. Stay light and live carefree without worrying about what you currently see. You were destined for miracles, so have faith in Me! 




With ridiculous expectations, soar above the natural circumstances. Put all of your hope in Me and have faith in your righteousness. Prepare your mind for what you have asked Me for and accept the ownership. Stay focused and not distracted by the appearance of limitations. Hold onto what you hope for with both arms and refuse to let it go. 




Keep your expectations positive and don’t afflict yourself with a negative imagination. I will turn around the physical thing that irritates you to overwhelm you with My generous grace. Your mind will believe the thoughts that you think. Change your thoughts to think that you already have what you seek and everything that you hope for will certainly manifest. 




The dream that you have desired is coming to pass. This is not an impossible thing. Let the celebration begin! I will do so much more than that, as I move beyond your highest hopes and expectations. Keep Confident, remaining sure as the day of the first request. I am already moved by your faith, the thing that you have hoped for is still a sure thing! 





Written by Dannette Garza


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