Love Letters

Expect Favor


A love letter from the Father.




Be of good cheer. You are deeply loved, so be confident in your favor. I am your unwavering Source to bring you comfort from every trouble. I am removing every trace of what has afflicted you. I promise with an oath to fulfill anything that you can ask for. With man it is impossible, but not with Me. Build your hopes up. Is anything too hard for the Lord? 



Everything that you are wanting is in your possession. Give shape to the invisible as you believe. These things are already yours. I have given you an unlimited supply. I have made you a thousand times more prosperous to bless you just as I said that I would. Anyone who puts their trust in Me will be blessed and comforted. 



Look, I have placed My words into you. I have appointed you with authority to create and to stamp out. Faith is proof of what you hope for as a divine guarantee. You have ownership of all things to have and control as your property. Float in fulfillment as you own it from day one. Have joy because it is yours! 



What you believe is what will come. You will get what you expect. Don’t operate in doubt but rest in who you are to Me.  Be confident in your thinking. Be sure of what you hope for and stay confident in what you cannot yet see. There is plenty reserved just for you and there is an abundance to give away. 



Expect favor, you are far too blessed to be stressed about anything. Give your burdens to Me and I will take care of everything. You will look to Me and shine, without a trace of disappointing shame. Hope with expectation and anticipation. What you are hoping for is already yours. 




Written by Dannette



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