Love Letters

Just Breathe


A love letter from Jesus. 



Just breathe. Rest is the most powerful act of faith. Don’t sweat these needs, but stay with Me as you trust confidently. My love will never give up on you and I will never fail your dependency on Me. Release the heavy problems into My care and you will be pleasantly refreshed to see things turn out better than you dreamed. 



Just as the pitcher plant opens up to collect the refreshing rains of spring water, unwind your mind from the thoughts of your needs as you relax into the position of receiving. No good thing will be withheld from you. My good-news is reviving your spirit and renewing your health. Instead of worry, you will flourish richly in love, trust, and contentment. 



With bright eyes and a cheerful heart, breathe in the joy and peace of believing. What you have feared will never happen, you are wrapped in a hedge of unpenetrable protection. I have blessed the product of your hands with prosperity and abundance. Unsurpassable fortunes are heaped up and awaiting the eagerness of your expecting.  



Don’t underestimate what I will do for you. I will personally take you through deep-seated depths of My provisional love. Blessings will arrive at just the right moment because I take delight in the prosperity of My beloved. More streams of provision are pouring in to give you the gifts of multiplication and rest from your troubles. I will use My wonderful riches to provide you with more than you are needing. 






Written by Dannette



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