Love Letters

Your Comfort Has Come


A love letter from Jesus.ย 




You have walked through the midst of disappointing pain. Though you may not understand why I brought you this way, once you see what I have done it will all make sense. Lift up out of the hopelessness. Expect Me to show up in your circumstances to set things straight. The negative things are not as they seem, in a moment everything will change.ย 



Focus on a good outcome as if your life depends on it. You attract what you expect. I have blessed you with a future filled with hopeโ€”a future of success, not of suffering. Rejoice in what you hope for, it is already yours~! My promises are suddenly springing up to comfort your affliction. Never doubt My power to achieve your greatest request and far exceed your most unbelievable imagination.ย 



I will calm all of your fears and care for your needs as I fill you over and over again with My loving provisions. Don’t think that you live in lack because you are connected to Me, as the flourishing Source. I am all that you need. There is nothing that can stop My enduring love and inexhaustible compassion. Let your soul boast in Me as your energizing Hope for this present condition.ย 




A surprise is coming to lift you to a place of prosperity and honor. The past is done and the devastation is over. Now I will spoil you as one who I love and treasure. You will receive from My hand a different story than what has been done. Fall in love again with the words that I promised. Your comfort has come to alleviate the pain. It will be more than you anticipated and better than you have dreamed.ย ย 







Written by Dannette



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