Love Letters

Your Hopes will be Met


A love letter from Jesus.Β 



I will comfort you and turn the wilderness into a joyful melody. Believe that I will do what I said. Blessings will overtake you and drench the arid land. Don’t predict a bad outcome with negative thoughts or expect the usual that has been. Resist the temptation of despair and just trust in Me.




Stay focused as you surrender every negative thought. Keep good thoughts of a hopeful outcome. Allow Me to carry your worries and you will see that I will do more awe-inspiring things than you can even dream. You have everything that you need, so let your faith rest in Me.Β 



I won’t let you down. Believe and depend on My intentional love. Even if you are faithless, I will still be faithful. By faith rest in My grace, you are declared blameless in Me. Rejoice in your hopes with confident assurance because you are blessed and a blessing!~Β 



Sit beneath the shade of My hand and rest into the fullness of My blessings. I am filling you with uncontainable joy and peace as you believe. Taste the sweetness of My fruit as I declare over you My love.Β 



I have crowned you with good gifts and there will be more than there has ever been! I have given you double comfort and double luxuries. The sunshine is here and the gloom has faded away.Β 




All of your hopes will be met. There will be all of the treasures without the pain. Imagine how wonderful it will be! Everything is coming fast, get ready to hold what you have asked for. All at once blessings are pouring out and they will come in a way that you did not expect.Β 



As a surprise to a child, you will not be able to contain your joy, as you see that I have shown you the goodness of My care once again. It will be more than you expected and better than you hope!





Written by Dannette




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