Love Letters

Better than you Dreamed


A love letter from Jesus.




You have stayed in this place for long enough, it is time to go in and take possession of the blessings. This is My gift to you with grace abounding. Everything that troubles you has already been settled. The opposite of the curses is the blessings that I gave. You don’t have to work for what I promised, just believe to receive. 




These circumstances are not going to be bad. Out of the former disappointments that you have endured, a big surprise is going to emerge. Enlarge your expectancy to receive because you are ready for an increase. Don’t underestimate the lengths that I move. I will fill your life to fullness with tangible blessings of My love. 




Live carefree as you relax in My peace. Let go of every worry as I fill you beyond capacity. Be happy as you live fear-free. Do not be afraid, those worries are for nothing. Leave all of those concerns behind and trust that I will take care of you and protect you. 




Your basket is blessed to always have plenty–and that is a promise!  When anything comes against you, I will take care of it as you rest in the blessings. When your enemies attack you, I will defeat them. I have blessed everything that you do, now and always. I will lift you high above every problem and the whole world will call you ‘Blessed!”.




Get focused and concentrate. It’s time to take ownership, My blessings are upon you!. They are already yours–in fact they are chasing after you. I will do far more than you can imagine. Be ready because it will be more than you ever dreamed. Expect to see bigger than what you prayed and more enormous than you are hoping.  





Written by Dannette



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