The Mountain Comes Down with Trust





For most of this year, God has been pressing the passage of Mark 11:24 into me to show me how to walk into this audaciously bold faith and problem-consuming prayer.Β 


Recently, in the hours of the night, the Holy Spirit took me into a dream interaction. In the scene, there was huge mountain that represented the obstacle that had been hindering me from experiencing the ownership of this prayer of child-like faith. On the high side of the mountain, there was a giant sleeping with his bare feet exposed. As I looked around, I saw a battered old house that was barely standing. The house was swaying in the wind and it was so fragile, that it looked like it was made of ash.Β 


Then the Lord revealed to me that He already handled this mountain. It was fragile as ash and all I had to do was trust Him to do it. The giant that had been opposing me all of this time was put to sleep and the promise was mine. The Lord showed me an open door with the numbers β€œ2222” on it to represent the open door of Isaiah 22:22. Jesus had gone before me to open the door and there was nothing that could stop me from taking possession.Β 


After that,Β  I heard the voice of God and He told me that the promise of Mark 11:24 was taken by trust. He said that we need to trust Him to fulfill the heart desire. The mountain comes down by trust. We are not supposed to think about the mountain, but only the credibility and reality of His promised word. Jesus is saying, β€œYou already have what you want. Keep thinking that you have it, keep saying that you have it and thank Me that it is done”.Β 


To do this requires trust. It takes trust to be vulnerable to hope again. It takes trust to let go of every past experience in order to believe with the β€œwide-eyed” wonder of a kid. Expect to see the desire happen and start planning as though it is. If you believe that you have already received what you have asked for in prayer, then the request is already yours. Anything that you can take is yours. That is a promise!Β 




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Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24