Love Letters

Ripples in the Water


A love letter from Jesus. 




Relax, I’ve got you covered. Find the rhythm of faith and breathe the sea-salty air. Something very good is going to happen! As the difficult past seasons of survival fade, it can be tempting to stay in a familiar thought place. Resist going back to a limited mindset of having just enough. Choose to let your imagination run wild with faith and not be driven by winds of unbelieving doubts.




You are not in that old place anymore. I don’t want you to ask for just a spoonful, while I have an ocean-sized supply of abundance. Ask and you will receive it! Asking opens you up to receiving, so ask big and I will go beyond what you can fathom. Keep telling yourself that you have the petition. It is already yours.





Make sure you ask empowered by confident faith without doubting that you will receive. I am going to surprise you! Blessings of rain are pouring out this month. You have given much and it is being poured back into your hands–so much more than you can hold. In the way that you have blessed others, I am going to bless you! You will be refilled and spilling over.



Don’t be too discouraged to believe. Make room and be ready to receive. Surrender all doubt and believe without wavering because you are a magnet for blessings. Don’t let the fear of what happened the last time control you. You have to stop thinking about the problems and the current situations that you see. Expand your thinking beyond what you have experienced. I am going to do something bigger than you think!




Step out from behind the restrictions of past experience, anything is yours for the asking. Nothing that you imagine to do will be impossible to happen. Imagination is the preview of what is coming. It is the spiritual womb that conceives, so believe the dream into reality. Faith is what makes real the things you hope for, it is the proof of what is still not seen.




Stretch your imagination to the maximum place of receiving. Use your vision to stir up your faith and look to the promise. See yourself where you want to be and you will get there. Close your eyes and visualize the outcome of your dreams. What you can believe you can achieve. 




I am a God of details, so don’t be too shy to tell Me what you want. Never doubt My mighty power to achieve infinitely more than your greatest request and exceed your most unbelievable imagination! I will do superabundantly more than your highest hopes!



The anticipation of your vivid-faith is causing a ripple effect of answered prayers. You attract what you expect. Get excited with child-like enthusiasm, the possibilities are unlimited. The stirring of your faith will cause one thing to happen after another. You won’t be able to keep up with all that I give! Everywhere that you look there will be blessings, pouring like buckets from the sky and running like water from the hills.  





Written by Dannette Lynn



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