Love Letters

The Curtain Call

A love letter from the Father.ย 




I am going to lift you up to a place that you never thought you could. There will be no more hiding because I am pushing you in. You will experience success when the world sees what I do. Have confidence in the beauty that I have given to you! Donโ€™t settle for less than all that you are because you are destined for greatness.ย 




The things that have restrained you are being removed so that you can be free to move. In the past, other people shamed you and said bad things to you. You were criticized much more than others, therefore, I am giving you twice the amount of blessings and honor.ย 




Those who hated you and thought to do you wrong will be embarrassed and confused. The ones who were against you will be as if they never were. Although you may look for them, you will not find them. He who has contended with you will be nevermore. So donโ€™t be afraid, because I will help you.ย I am lifting you up above your enemies as My honored guest!ย 



Focus on Me as you pirouette with grace and I will keep you in a place of perfect peace. Before you even drew your first breath, I had already chosen you, to go where I send you and speak My words. You have no reason to fear because I am with you to defend you.ย 




I am decorating your life with the beauty of My splendor and causing secret prayers to happen for you. The favor of your life is causing you to rise. The destiny of promise within you is getting too big to hide. You have been called to be a star and it is time to take the stage. I am bringing you to the front and you will never be the same.






Written by Dannette Lynn



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