Love Letters

Inexhaustible Supply


A love letter from Jesus.



Quiet your heart. Inhale deeply and be calm. Take the weight of every worry and place it into My arms. Let go of everything that frightens you and rest in My words. Live without a worry, as I take care of your needs with extra comfort and relief. Remind yourself that the past suffering will not be repeated, as you lean into My love. 



Know that I will always answer your prayers. Whatever you ask for when you pray, believe with confident trust that it has been granted and it will be given. If you trust and do not doubt that it will take place, then it will happen. I promise with a vow to give you anything that you ask for as a bountiful Source. 



I will surprise you with superabundantly more than your largest prayers. Immerse yourself in the delight of trusting My rescue as you are garrisoned by the power of My Spirit. I will burst through your circumstances as you drink deeply from the Wellsprings of My intentional love.



I am your inexhaustible Supply that never goes dry. The more you draw from My provisions, the more there will be. I have given you everything in abundance, more than you expect! You will continue to experience My fullness with overflowing goodness.



Hold onto your hope, because I am faithful to keep My promise. For as rain and snow can’t go back once they’ve fallen, but soak into the ground and nourish the plants that grow, So it is when I declare something. My word will do what I wanted and it will accomplish what I determined. The painful thorns that have been afflicting you will become the sweetness of luxurious shade trees to remind you that you can always trust in Me.



The possibilities are infinite with child-like faith. You don’t have to strain to make it happen, just believe. Don’t allow doubt to snatch away your blessings. Tell your mind to believe. Push out the fear and rise up with the faith of believing. 



Let Me bless you! Accept what I want to do for you. I am the One who nourishes and supports you. My blessings are more than you could ever dream. Come and fill your thirst with the simple surrender of accepting My blessing. You will want to sing every day, “let the Lord be magnified, who takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant!”. 



I am your continuous Fountainhead with bountiful springs to saturate every need. The refreshment of My provisional waters are infinite and never failing. All that you want is yours and more. You will receive houses filled with good things waiting for you that you did not build. 



Every area of your life that has been barren will now overflow with tangible blessings! Even today, I have blessed you with great prosperity. I am the Beginning, where new life springs into being. Your cisterns will hold plentiful waters that you did not dig. The more you draw from Me, the more saturated blessings will fill and flood your life. 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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