Love Letters

You Got It


A love letter from the Father. 




I will give you what you are willing to believe. I love to take impossible-looking situations and make them happen better than you dreamed. I lift the needy out of the ashes to give him prosperity. I cause the poor to rise up out of the trash heap to sit in an honorable and dignified place. 



Don’t even consider the opposition that claims it cannot be done. Doubt comes from looking at the circumstances and not what I am capable of. The enemy’s only hope is to get you to doubt with hesitation, instead of moving by trusting faith. Unbelief is caused by what you believe. You either believe in the problems or the promises of miracles that I have given. 



Believe that you have received the answer to your prayer now. Faith is now, the actual substance of a thing and not just the appearance or shadow. By acceptance, grab what you hope for and bring it into your present reality. Faith is the proof that what you have hoped for is finally yours. 



The desire is yours–you got it! Receive the request in your heart and it will come into fulfillment. Keep speaking My words and say that you believe them. See it done and imagine yourself with it.Think as though the desire is in your hands and it will be given. Believe that what you pray will come to pass and it will happen. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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