Love Letters

I Will Do Good For You Again


A love letter from Jesus. 



Quiet now, I promise you that there is nothing to fear. Although you remember the pain of the wound, do not be agonized with dread because that suffering will not reoccur. Let go of the fears and have faith in who I am. Good things are coming and I will do good for you again. 



It is always sunny with Me, so don’t feel bad. Lighten the load from your shoulders and find the joy in receiving My care. Soak in My words and you will believe again. Saturate yourself in remembrance of all that I have done and you will be comforted. 



I am a Good Support for you to rest on. Certainly, I will protect you and care for your needs always. Choose to dwell in faith and not worry. Absorb everything that I have told you and reach deep with trust. 



Settle your heart and find the pleasure of My words and I will surprise you with those things that you long for. I will soothe those fears and provide for you out of My riches. No longer feel the intimidations of the curse, because I have blessed you–and you are a blessing! 



If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done. Dig your roots confidently in what you hope for and remain convinced in what you do not see. I will provide for you super-abundantly beyond your comprehension. 




I will bless you to the extent that you are willing to believe. Go ahead and trust for big and you will spread out to occupy to the right and the left. You will flourish with peace and prosperity, as I cause you to suddenly increase. 




Something very good is about to happen. Just because you don’t see it, does not mean it isn’t there. Can you smell the water in the air? The heavens are dripping the dew of the things that you have hoped for. It is raining and pouring out the answers to your prayers. 




So again I have planned to do good for you to provide for you over and over. Have an expectant hope of excitement. Laugh with joy again, because you have it. You will be overwhelmed by the flooding pools of My generosity in fullness and overflowing.




Written by Dannette Lynn




To bless: 


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