Love Letters

Call a Star


A love letter from Jesus.Β 



I gave you a promise to solve the problems that you have. Call for a star and separate the light from the darkness. The stars of My promises reach into the darkness and pull themselves into being. Make the decision and select the course for a positive outcome.Β 



Intensify your focus on the light of My words, as the darkness fades. Find the pattern of the constellations and see yourself with the promise in hand. Make it happen by thinking and believing that it will. Think as though you have obtained it and cherish My words with heightened anticipation.Β  Keep it in your heart and mind, let it remain true to your present life.Β 



Call it into manifestation as you release the light. Draw out the faith of fulfillment as you release My voice in the promise. Decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you. Everything that you speak can come to pass, so rejoice in what you hope for. Depend on My words and the unseen promise will replace the area of the problem. The promise will materialize to fill the void of what you are needing.Β 



I will be for you what you believe Me to be and perform My promises to help in your times of need. You will experience the immeasurable and unlimited source of My power working actively through your choice of believing. Now you will know the divine guarantee of My Stars of Promise falling into your arms. So be confident with eager expectation, as I manifest My illuminated treasures at the sound of your voice.Β 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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