Love Letters

Have Hope For This Time

A love letter from Jesus.ย 




Have hope for this time, I am here. Listen to what I say and not the foreboding dreads that take your serenity. Don’t give up, everything will be okay. I am faithful and absolutely trustworthy…and I will do it. This affliction is ending and you will remember the love of our beginning.ย 




A new day is coming and a new day is here. Expect great things before they happen. Even if it seems as if all hope is lost, keep hoping. Nothing will be impossible when you depend on Me. There will be instant joy and relief as every fear fades away. I am giving the blessing of peace on all sides. Your expectations and strong hopes will be met, just as you desire.ย 




I will fulfill My covenant as I watch over and protect you. Get your eyes off of what you fear and lift your eyes up to Me. Fear creates a negative imagination, giving worry about the unknown future. Stir up your imagination to believe for good outcomes and cast down every dread. If you can see it, then you can have it.ย 




So now I am drawing close your restless heart to speak the plans of My loving-kindness. Things are returning to a better place than before this difficulty. I am moving in recovery for you to give you back what you are missing and restore your days to plentiful provisions.ย 




I will take this deep pain and open up the answers to your prayer requests. You will see with wonder the tangibility of My good plans for peace and prosperity. Unexpectedly and suddenly, the standing waves to what you have been hoping for will appear.




A soothing calm will come over you that you have never had before, as My Peace comforts your afflictions.ย I will answer you and manifest your prayers. Even if the whole world turns against you, My loyal love for you will never be shaken and My promises to you will never fail to produce all that I intended.ย 




To your surprise, the waters of My comforts will suddenly bubble up. You will hardly be able to contain your joy as you see how I care for you once again. I will show My love to you, who was not loved. I am lifting you up to audaciously announce that โ€˜you are Mineโ€™.ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn





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