Love Letters

Ease of Goodness

A love letter from the Father.  



Though you have felt breathless and faint, I need you to focus on the words that I say. Calm down and take a deep breath, I am making things easier so that you can rest. I am pouring out the ease of My abundance through gentle streams of goodness to turn things around in an instant. 



Have a positive expectation. What you think about is what you draw into your life. Call your thoughts in accordance with what I have promised, without wavering in your mind. Begin to see yourself with the promises that I have given, as you change the focus of your vision. 



I have carried you this far and I will continue to carry you to the end. I will never fail you and you will be undoubtedly happy as you give Me your trust. I will definitely do over and above all that you can imagine! 



You only need to believe, because what you have been crying for has eagerly been given. Draw what you need through My power working through your faith and imagination. No more doubting, but choose to see and believe that you have the treasures that you seek. 



Believe that something great is happening, it’s time to think bigger. Nothing that you imagine to do will be withheld and you will experience the joy of abundance. You will attract what you agree on, so agree with what I have said with My promises. 



Everything starts with imagination. See yourself the way that you want to be and believe that it can happen. You will enjoy immediate relief as the waters burst from the rocks of opposition. The power is on the inside of you, to determine what will happen. Cast the negative things down and fly up with faith in hopeful anticipation.  



The drought is over and the ease of My goodness is spilling over. I have so much for you–your cup is running over. I will meet you at the place of hopeful expectation…so imagine what you hope for! My thoughts are to give you an expected end and never to take you into dread. Have a cup of My goodness and another! 



I am ready with grace and boundless compassion, to move in response to your thirsty intentions. I will lift you up to give you ease with a flooding tidal surge of provisions and you will experience a sudden upward movement. 





Written by Dannette Lynn

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