Love Letters

I’ll Be With You

A love letter from Jesus.ย 




I am near, so do not be anxious or worried about what is ahead. You do not need to fear anymore, I am working in ways that you cannot see or fathom. Continue to give Me your worries as I care for you with the deepest love. Put everything that terrifies you into My hands, because I am here with you now.ย 



You will not be disgraced, I have told you in advance what will happen so that you can rest and be joyful with expecting confidence. Think like what I have foretold you has already happened. Close your eyes to everything else as you rest in the Promise. Have faith in Me, be joyful about what I have shown you. What happy fulfillment is ahead!ย 




Wrap yourself with confidence, for you have nothing to worry about. I am going to give you everything you need with riches–believe it! I am going to bless you better than you have ever have seen. There is nothing that will be withheld from you, so keep optimistic anticipation. You are surrounded on every side with the favor of My presence. In every circumstance, My blessings will drench you with kindness and love.ย 



Everything has already been planned. I see everything and there is nothing that is hidden. I am your Friend, to protect you from enemies and traps that have been hidden. I have reserved for you storehouses of bountiful provisions with double joy to take care of you and not to harm you.



Come and rest your soul in the intentional purposes of My heart. I will be for you what you believe Me to be, so dig deep and discover My personal love. I have good plans to give you what you hope for! The realization of My intentional love for you is too great for you to understand.ย 




Now you will become deeply acquainted with the intentionalities of My favor for your life.ย Pray to Me what you seek and believe that I will do as you ask. Rely on it before you can see it and move by faith as though you have it. Consider it a promise and stand with confidence in My favor. Then My peace will reassure your heart that the request is yours. The hope that you have in your heart is exactly what I will cause to happen.ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn




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