Love Letters

You Will Get It

A love letter from Jesus.ย 



Dear friend, you will get what you seek and more than you think. You can count on Me for sure, so have faith and trust. Don’t determine what will happen by the disappointment from before. All things are possible if you only believe them.ย 



Lift up your hands to receive without doubting or questioning and pray what you want. Make the request and give Me your petition as you cast your needs into My hands. Believe in what you ask for and have faith in your heart. It honors Me to give you fulfillment.ย 



Support starts here. Follow through all the way, the desire draws it near. Make a demand with your faith and decide that you have it now…it feels like today! Youโ€™re going to get it, so donโ€™t let go until it happens. Because of your persistence and boldness, I will give you what you seek.ย 



All who seek will find and to him to keeps pleading, the door will be opened. What you do in the spirit is changing the natural things, your words are orders. You are greatly loved and I am going to give you what you want, so believe that it is yours. Believe in the authority of My words and trust Me with your prayers.ย 



Place your faith in Me and I will exceed your expectations. Seek with the certainty that you will find it and think with confidence that it will open. Stay with expectation! I am able to do much more than you can imagine and it will be better than you planned. I will answer your prayer and that is a promise!ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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