Love Letters

Make Room to Receive


A love letter from Jesus.



You’ve stayed long enough at this mountain. The lack of belief that it will happen has made it difficult for you. See with your heart who I am for you. Look beloved, I have placed a promise of fulfillment in your hand. Move up into the highlands of faith and take it as yours.



What do you want Me to do for you? Make room to receive it. Even with a tiny spark of faith, you will find that nothing will be impossible. Move the distractions out of your way and concentrate on the delight that you crave. Keep telling yourself that I have given you this request. If you think that it will happen, then it will. 



Focus on believing that something good will happen. Stay attentive and engaged to what you have heard Me say so that your mind does not drift away to a fearful place. Clean your mind and exchange worry for peace. Purify your thoughts from doubt and change what you are thinking. 



 Do not worry about your life. You are precious to Me and I will look after you. Wherever you go, I am with you to empower you with all that you need. Even if everything that you have known would vanish, My promise to love and support you are bonded to you forever. 



As you think in your heart, it will be. Think about how you want things to be and not how they are currently. If you believe something is true in your mind, nothing can convince you otherwise. Anything that you can imagine can be done for you. When you can see it happen with eyes of faith, the manifestation is released.



I will bless you just as I said that I would. Stir yourself up with excitement! What you hope for will happen, I am on your side. I will give you immeasurable things, greater than you could ever to ask or dream. 



Lose yourself in the joy of knowing that the request is yours. Stay expecting–at the edge of your seat! A new flow of sudden blessings is being released until all of your needs are drenched and satisfied, I promise you this. I am fulfilling My vow to make everyday a love gift for you! 





Written by Dannette Lynn


To bless:


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