Love Letters

The Tide Has Turned


A love letter from Jesus.ย 



Quiet dear heart, come into calmness. Relax your shoulders and bring your thoughts into the serenity of stillness. My love is breaking off the troubles. This day is set apart for honor and blessing. So do not weep nor be sad. Let go of the worries, I will take care of everything.


The tide has turned, so celebrate and be joyful. Tell your heart to be strong with bliss because your hour of blessing has come. I am making you known for the size of your vast blessings and not for your sorrows. That which has tried to pull you back has catapulted you higher.ย 


Stay here with Me at the watergate of My heart and keep looking with expectancy. I have brought you into perfect harmony with the delighted gifts of My kindness. A surge of My love is pouring out to fill every empty space and eliminate the source of your pain. I will stop at nothing to consume every desire with provisions and elevate the aches from where you are hurting.ย 


Nothing will be able to stop the endless floods of My rescue. I will continue to pour out until you are fully confident in trusting Me. I am putting an end to the stressful worries. Waterfalls are pouring out from My love with a double dose of what you are hoping for. Is anything too difficult for Me?


Rest confidently in gentle streams of peace and donโ€™t favor past experience over the security of My promise. Your belief is melting away every trace of the affliction. So surrender the past and move forward to trust with all of your heart. I am pushing you into the depths of all that you have been seeking and filling you lavishly according to your anticipations.ย 






Scribed by Dannette Ward




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