Love Letters

Worry-Free Beginning


A love letter from the Father.ย 



Precious heart, do not worry. I am here to help you. This isn’t the old rugged path from before, so do not flinch in preparation for discomfort. I am doing a new thing! This is a new experience of seeing ridiculous amounts of repetitive goodness so that your trust is fully established.ย ย 


Inhale the peace of a worry-free beginning. Because of the level of devastation that you have walked through, I am going to be extra kind to you! You shall not want anymore.ย 


The path that I have for you is better than what you could dream. I know your heart better than you do! Before you even started to travel, I was before you holding everything together. As you move ahead, I am still here keeping you safe.ย 


Be free from worry and breathe the peace-filled air as you trust Me to give you the ultimate care. Give your worries to Me and leave them there. Set your mind on My promises and donโ€™t be disturbed, regardless of the situation. Tell Me what you desire with thankful prayers and My peace will reassure your heart that your hopes will happen.ย 


Have absolute confidence in My intentional goodness for your life. I am true to My word, so relax and donโ€™t fret anymore. I am bringing you into lush pools of provision to restore your soul from the affliction and give you a chance to catch your breath. Like an artic reindeer that gallops into a frosty flight, stir up your faith within and expect something great!





Written by Dannette Lynn



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