Love Letters

Epic Wave of Relief


A love letter from Jesus.ย 



Even in the midst of distress, I will look after you and be your Rescuer. Never again will you be ashamed for having nothing. At My direction there will be plenty of comforting rain and showers of blessings.ย 


Since you can have what you pray for, that makes those prayers a promise. Believe that your prayers will happen and act as if they are already done. Never pray thinking that you donโ€™t have it but pray out of an abundance from the Kingdom.


Something spectacular is going to happen as beauty springs up from the inside and out. You will be completely satisfied and your heart revived from mourning. So go unbridled into the unfathomable trenches of My loving approval. Believe with your heart and mind. Be convinced that it will happen.


Imagine how you want your world to be. You already have the request, so reach into the ocean depths of faith and draw it up. Travel by faith to the ancient depths that surge and call out to the deep to spring up with all that you need and more. I will manifest everything that you need in an abundance–more than you expect.


Never doubt My willingness to grant your greatest request and most unbelievable imagination. Endless love beyond measurement will pour over you until you are filled and overflowing with the fullness of My blessings. I will make you famous for the beauty of My blessings and never again will you inhabit the drought-stricken ground.ย 


Expect to see good news! Instead of scarcity, you will always have plenty. I will open up the seaโ€™s tidewaters and draw out secret riches for you from the deepest caverns. You will find the ancient gates of wealth as My everlasting kindness is unveiled to you in an epic wave of relief from suffering. It will be clearly evident that I am on your side.





Written by Dannette Lynn



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