Love Letters

It’s More Than You Think


A love letter from the Father




Haven’t I already announced what is going to happen? Don’t be afraid, but let your mind be clear of fear. Be confident to trust that I will do exactly what I said. I will not cease to sustain and uphold you. I will in no way let you down.


Clear your mind and believe. Lay aside every weight. I did not bring you this far to leave you wanting when I spoke the desire to your heart. Let’s go to the place that you love, let’s go all the way in. For with the Help of your God, nothing will be impossible. 


Don’t even look at your circumstances, but use your faith-filled thoughts to draw the opposite in your life. Think that the things that you hope for will happen and you will not feel so bad. Keep your eyes on Me and put away the distractions, casting down every thought of a negative outcome. Pull your hopes into reality by thinking that they are going to happen. Keep believing and speaking your prayers to fruition.  


Beyond your most capacious thoughts, never doubt what I am able to do! Believe that what you speak will happen and I will give it to you. I will stand behind your words and accomplish what you predict. Use the power of your faith and pull it to you. Tell your life to ‘rise up from the ruins’, and it will be restored to more than you have imagined. 


Like a devoted Gardener, I will pour sweet water on the parched land and streams on the hard-packed ground. I will pour out My spirit and let my blessings flow into every area of your life. Focus on what you want and not what you are worried about. Everything that you need will come from within you. Puddles will suddenly appear to drench you with My goodness and you will enjoy the nectar of the sweetness that drips from My abundance.


Get ready for a sudden change and expect unexpected blessings. The thing that you have been longing for will suddenly come true, like a baby emerging from the womb. Joy will surface over the pain and it will feel like you are dreaming.  A lot is about to happen all at the same time and it is more than you think!  





Written by Dannette Lynn



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