Love Letters

Hope to be Surprised with Better


A love letter from Jesus. 




I am here to help with everything that you need and all that matters to you is important to Me. I will take care of the entirety of your requests and it will be so nice and feel so good and safe for you. When you see what I have in store, it will ease your mind and lift your heart again. 


Focus on the flame of My promise, that sways, and dances like a candle slowly burning. Continue to be captivated by the radiance of My betrothal. Not even a seismic sea swell can drown out the effective power of My words. Like staring at the brightness of the sun, concentrate on being wrapped in the consuming protection of My love. 


You have access to your dreams and you can have it now, like instant credit for the materialization of your petition. I will grant the dreams of your heart and cause them to manifest into a flurry. Relax into My promises and don’t worry about anything else. 


Stay deeply rooted in My voice and you will stay ever blessed and ever prosperous. The light of My promise will cause the emptiness of your needs to fill with life. Indulge your senses into My promises and let it be the center of your attention. 


I have embroidered your life with the beauty and riches of My provisions. Intensify your thoughts on the vows that I have spoken and don’t worry about how it will happen. Look to Me as your secure support and the pain of your needs will vanish as the blessings settle over.


 I have gifted you with abundant riches, to cause the memories of grief to be forgotten. With comfort and satisfaction, I will ensure that all will be well. Like a blustering river, riches will come down to flood you with wealth from the world. So have high expectations and hope to be surprised with better than what you have awaited. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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