Love Letters



A love letter from the Father.  



You have already labored in prayer, now just rest in Me to do it. Let down your defenses as you relax and let Me take care of everything else. Place every anxiety into My hand then recline into Me as the waters flow. Give me your worries and concerns once and for all. 


Be expecting, like a pregnant woman expecting a child. To be expecting is to believe that something is going to soon arrive. From the suffering of repeated sorrows, release your heart song of joy because you will be given much, much more. Trust My promise beyond anything going on. 


Some of the very best things begin as a hidden wonder. Let the movements of your life flow from faith in your unseen promise. There is no need to react in survival mode when I have already promised you an unlimited supply. In the midst of every attack, I will answer you and refill you over and over.  


What you think about is the place that you will expand and be filled. Choose to think that it will happen and rest assured that I will do it! It’s going to be twice as much than you have been hoping. I have magnified My loving-kindness in your life and I will always give you abundantly more than you have asked Me for. 


Although your beginning came with a struggle, the tide is now rising up. I will love you and bless you and increase with so much more than when you started. Waters of My loving provision are flowing where there have never been before.The blessings of My love will keep rising up until you have settled into the fearless confidence of My Heart intentions. 


Secret riches will be revealed to you and the hidden depths of stored up treasure will lie uncovered. There will always be enough with sparkling streams flowing through the desert to satisfy the desires of your heart. I have wrapped you in goodness and beauty to restore your youth as a vibrant evergreen without fading or withering.


Before your eyes I will do miraculous things that have never been done. I am going to surprise you with something you have been longing for and I will cause what you are expecting to show up. With unending wealth, I have blessed you to make you a blessing. I have said it and you can believe it! 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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