Love Letters

Just as you are


A love letter from the Father.



I love you just as you are, so come with imperfections and all. Trust Me like a child and it will be a harbinger of change. How you come to Me will determine the level of your experience.ย 



Do not let the winds around you distract your place of trust and peace. Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and let your soul delight in abundance. Concentrate on My words and think about My blessings, rather than dealing with anything else.ย 



Let it be your focal point as your eyes adjust to the light. Make My vows the spotlight of what you think about. Tie a reminder on your hand and bind My words to your forehead.ย Every promise will accomplish what I desired and produce exactly how I said it.



Imagine it! Move beyond anything that you have known or seen and envision yourself with My promises as your current reality. I will fulfill with even more–beyond your capacity and running over.ย ย 



The root of the righteous yields richer fruit, simply accept it as My gift to you! Settle into My love for you and you will find rest, healing and abundance. The financial burdens will be lifted away as date honey seeps out of the trees without cultivating.ย 



You do not need to go to bed with worry again. Depend on Me and keep looking up with confidence. See I have granted you favor and multiplication! You will be bathing in goodness like rich olive oil and there will be a surplus of blessings whenever you need it.ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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