Love Letters

You Can Have It All


A love letter from the Father. 




From a soul so in despair and the wind knocked out, I’ll do whatever you need to turn the sadness around. Do not mourn over these troubles, I have secret provisions in places that you have not even thought of yet. My desire is for you to be carefree and without anxiety. Transfer your worries over to Me and release them as I hold you up. I will care for all that matters to you and restore your soul to a tranquil rest. 


Everything that you could ever pray for, I have given permission to manifest. I will carry out your every hope and fulfill every heart desire. The possibilities are unlimited! I will fully satisfy every need and cause your cup to burst with blessings and a bellyful of laughter. 


Believe for good things to happen and they will. The is a wellspring of wealth tucked away inside of you. Touch My prayer shall with your thoughts. I am always watching every movement of your heart and I understand every thought before it is in your mind. 


Think from the end result, as if what you seek already exists. Offer your faith-filled requests with abounding gratitude, fully persuaded that it has been given. There will be a fulfillment of those things that you have believed. I will give you all that you ask for and provoke miracles to manifest. 


Direct your thinking to the fulfilled desire and carefully consider your innermost thoughts, for from there flows the wellspring of life. Bind My words in your mind and heart. Think about these things as if they have happened. Keep telling yourself that you have it and the door will open up. 


You can have it all. Yes! I am more than ready to overwhelm you with every form of grace so that you have more than enough of everything —in every moment and in every way. Indeed I will make you swell up with the fullness for every good thing, that you are blessed and a blessing to others with more than you need.  




Written by Dannette Lynn


To sow a blessing:




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