Love Letters

All That You Hope


A love letter from the Father. 




My presence will travel with you, and I will give you rest and comfort from the former afflictions. It will be all that you hope for and more. Rest easy and breathe with peace, everything will turn out exceptional. Your request has been approved and I am rolling out the red carpet of luxury. Trust that you will see good news!


 I am a wonderful Father, more than ready and eager to gift good gifts in response to you. You count on Me to cover and secure you always from humiliation and disgrace. I have placed you in the crevice of the My heart and you are hidden beneath My hand of favor. I will cause all My goodness to pass before you, as l demonstrate the love of My compassion. 


Soak your focus in the memory of My words and you will find instant relief and comfort from your sorrows. Imagine and feel My promise. Press it into your thoughts and wear it on your heart. Be absorbed by the invisible word.  


Put on the hope of a confident expectation. Keep looking for your hope to manifest and put My promise at the forefront of your thoughts. You will experience more than words flowing to your ears, but a new abundant way of life complete with everything! 


Expand your anticipations and expect the unexpected. Nothing is impossible. You have no limits and you are rising to the top of experiencing the best of all times. In a blink of an eye, you will expand and break out into the fulfillment of the vision, even sooner than you imagined. 


I will open your eyes to see the miracle that I have hidden away for this time. I am pouring out great pails of water on the parched land and filling all of your longings with plentiful provisions. 


I have placed you in a comfortable rest as your stature and wealth continues to rise with depths that keep growing and growing. Even the same day, the great deep fountains of blessings are bursting open and secret treasures are being given. I have greatly increased you with comfort from your troubles. 






Written by Dannette Lynn


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